A glimpse of the services we offer
Computer Hardware Repair Like all electronic devices, computers break. Hard Drives fail, memory becomes unstable, you name it. We will diagnose your computer problem, and recommend the parts to replace and install them for you!
Computer Upgrades If technology is moving faster than your computer, maybe it's time to upgrade. We'll recommend system upgrades and install them for you!
Software/Operating System Installation Installing (or reinstalling) your Operating System can be a scary, daunting task. We'll work with you to back up your data, your address book, and other data important to you. We will then install your OS and restore your files, so it runs like the day you first got it.
Spyware/Virus removal We can remove most spyware, and restore your computer to its original state, restoring lost speed and security. In the event an infected computer can't be repaired, we can back up your system and reinstall your Operating System, giving your computer a fresh start
Home Networking Today, more and more people own more than one computer. These computers can share printers, files, and an Internet connection, so why aren't yours?W can setup a a high-speed wireless network in just about any house, and make it secure so outsiders can't use your bandwidth or view your sensitive files. 90% of home users who install their own wireless networks never secure it, making their neighborhood a "hotspot" for anyone driving by with a wireless-enabled laptop computer. Let us help you keep your Internet connection to yourself.
Professional Cleaning Just like people, computers need to be clean. Dust and particles that collect inside your computer shorten its life, make it run hot, and cause critical components to fail. We clean your computer inside and out, removing dust and foreign particles that form on your CPU, internal cards and fans. The result is a cooler running computer!
Custom-built PC's We offer custom-designed PC's for any environment. Whether you want Windows 7, 8 and coming soon Windows 10, we can tailor a system to meet your specific needs. We can even install Linux for you!